You’ll get an amazing way to bank, cash Back in your virtual “Money Jar”, a chance to win an Apple Watch, and $10 in your “Money Jar” just for signing up!!


Let’s walk through it, starting at Square One…


At one time, Square One would have been called a “checking account” because the primary money exchange tool was a paper check. Today we can do our banking and paying with a smartphone app and a debit card. A bank account doesn’t have to be sexy, but it doesn’t hurt. Mainly we want it to work so seamlessly you don’t even think about; until you see the money accumulating in your virtual Money Jar. That’s the design intent behind Square One Banking. We invite you to bank this way—starting at Square One.


Take Square One Wherever you go

It’s all in the app! The app is where you can deposit a check using your smartphone camera, monitor your balance, set up alerts to stay on top of your finances, transfer your funds between your accounts and even make a payment to friends or your loan.


Make goals & easily track them.

Create goal funds that automatically put away for that new sofa or beach vacation.